Citrine SoapRocks

Citrine SoapRocks

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A quartz crystal, Citrine is an amethyst burnt by slow heat to a bright yellow or amber.

Mythological Properties:

Citrine is an amazing crystal because it doesn't hold negative energy. Rather, it is thought to transmute it to positive.̴Ì? It can also be used in spells, healing or meditation to change negative energy into positive. Citrine is called The Merchant Stone because it is a powerful stone to attract prosperity and success.̴Ì? Citrine is believed to enhance intuition and the connection with the higher self. It raises one's mood and encourages happiness and laughter. Citrine may help remove fears, overcome nightmares and encourage a good night's sleep.

Fragrance: Cucumber Citrus Gardenia

Net weight: 6 oz.

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