Welcome to Cattails Blvd

Cattails Blvd is more than a place to go online to get a product. It is a feel-good, delightful, experience. Imagine yourself in an elegant gift store with quality items that appeal to all your senses. Now make them affordable!  Here at Cattails, we specialize in the distinctive, but every gift offered must also achieve the state of excellence.

Nowhere is this expressed more than with our SoapRocks. As with all products made by t.s. Pink, we offer these unique soaps enriched with organic oils, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. The Himalayan Salt Lamps are good for your well-being as well as your sense of beauty. Check out all of our gifts from personal beauty to home decor.

We are also proud members of PARTNERS IN FAIR TRADE and carry several unique and fine-crafted items handled by Global Crafts. Check out these products in our Gift Gallery.

Beyond this, Cattails Blvd excels in its bond between customer and seller.  We don't just settle for customer satisfaction; we aim to delight each customer. Our customer's needs, desires and experience(s) are our number one priority.

For every occasion, every thank you; for every reason to buy something pretty, handsome, elegant and unique Cattails Blvd is where you want to shop. So stop in and find your Gift with Distinction. Buy once and you'll be back!